Testing & Evaluation

Neuropsychological and psychological testing, vocational rehabilitation testing, psychoeducational evaluation, gifted/IQ evaluation, ADHD evaluation, personality assessment, academic assessment, and other assessments.


Treatment for headaches, sleeping issues, anxiety, issues related to depression, concentration, ADHD, relaxation, issues related to addiction and substance use, seizures, and other issues related to brain dysregulation.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Treatment for issues related to memory due brain diseases, issues related to degenerative brain diseases, cognitive related issues, improving spatial functions, improving organization, and other issues related to cognitive function.


Testing and Evaluations

We provide various testing, evaluations, and assessments to aid in diagnosis and recommendations. These services include neuropsychological testing, psychoeducational evaluations, gifted/IQ evaluations, ADHD/behavioral assessments, and other assessments.

Neurofeedback & Cognitive Rehabilitation

Our services include neurofeedback and cognitive rehabilitation. The first treatment addresses dysregulation in the brain to help improve emotional, mental, and physical issues. The second treatment addresses issues related to cognitive function.


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